Courses to combat animal poisoning

Action C.3: Training courses to combat animal poisoning
This action consists in carrying out training courses, targeting staff of the State Forestry Corps in the first place and, secondly, staff from other legally relevant institutions with regard to the issue of illegal poison use (local health authorities, preventive animal healthcare institutes, other police corps, mayors, veterinarians, etc.) and other interested subjects (park authorities, provinces, etc.).
The courses will focus on the following subjects: activity and importance of Anti-poison Dog Units, and how they are established and managed; Italian situation with regard to poison use, and which are the mostly affected wild animals; applicable regulations and role of each authority; procedure to follow when a poison bait and/or carcass is found; measures to prevent and combat this phenomenon.
The courses will be held by staff of the State Forestry Corps, of the Gran Sasso-Laga Park, and of the National Reference Centre for Forensic Veterinary Medicine at the Preventive Animal Healthcare Institute for Lazio and Tuscany Regions.
Two series of seven courses (lasting one day each) will take place, distributed in the 11 regions involved in the project. The two series will be organised within about two years of each other.  
A further and important purpose of the courses will be to inform subjects touched by the issue of illegal poison use about the ADUs activity; relevant subjects will thus be able to ask for the intervention of dog units whenever poisoning episodes occur in natural areas.
The first series of courses will start by January 2016 and will finish by September 2016; the second
one will start in January 2018 and will finish by September 2018.

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