Stakeholders sensitisation

Action E.7: Stakeholders sensitisation
In the 11 regions covered by the Anti-poison Dog Units, 21 meetings will be organised with the most representative hunters’, breeders’ and truffle hunters’ associations.
The purpose of the meetings will be to illustrate the main issues connected with illegal poison use (consequences on preservation of protected species, applicable law, etc.), to illustrate the activity of the ADUs, and to encourage the associations to share the project and to get directly involved.
Associations will be invited to sensitise their members through various initiatives (e.g. dissemination of information material at the association venue, participation of the dog units in agricultural, forestry, breeding, hunting or truffle hunting events, information dissemination on bulletins or member-dedicated media).
Regional representatives of these associations will be invited to the events where the Anti-poison Dog Units will be presented (Action E.1)

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