The LIFE PLUTO Project includes several actions that target a wide and diverse public and aim at promoting the ADUs activity and at sensitising on the issue of poison.
Action E.1: Project dissemination
The action includes the following activities, to be carried out at national level:

  • Disseminating press releases
  • Publishing articles on magazines and reviews, producing segments for television, etc.
  • Organising events to make the 6 ADUs known to the press and to institutional stakeholders
  • Staff of the Gran Sasso-Laga Park and of the State Forestry Corps will participate in conferences, courses and other events on animal poisoning
  • The Anti-poison Dog Units will take part in local events (e.g. fairs and exhibitions on environment,  hunting, dogs) to promote their activity, disseminate information material on the LIFE PLUTO Project, and perform field demonstrations

Furthermore, the following sensitisation and involvement activities will be carried out in the Gran Sasso-Laga Park:

  • Information meetings with around 30 local livestock farms, to illustrate the LIFE PLUTO Project and promote the management system of the feeding station for birds of prey (Action C.4), in order to encourage the breeders’ collaboration and develop a network for the collection of animals at the end of their lives;
  • education activities on the conservation of bears, wolves and carrion birds, with at least 20 school classes within the Park territory (grades 4th and 5th of the primary schools, and grades 1st and 2nd of the junior high schools, i.e. children aged 9-12), including field demonstrations by the Anti-poison Dog Units. Education activities will be integrated by a learning booklet and toolkit
  • a contest among primary and junior high schools within the Park territory, on bears, wolves and carrion birds. An award ceremony will take place at the end of the contest, and gadgets will be distributed to the award winning pupils

Action E.2: Production of information material
In order to sensitise the local population and inform about the project, the following material will be produced:

  • A general brochure, illustrating the project’s purpose and main actions, and providing information on animal poisoning and on the most vulnerable species
  • A brochure on the activity of Anti-poison Dog Units in Italy, to encourage reporting of poisoning cases through the emergency number 1515
  • A documentary on the project, in Italian and English (approximate duration: 26’)
  • A roll up banner in four copies, to promote the project during conferences, workshops, and other public events

A specific operations handbook will be produced to support staff of the State Forestry Corps in developing expertise on how to handle poisoning cases and use Anti-poison Dog Units.
Moreover, two ad hoc products will be created for the purpose of learning activities to be carried out in the schools within the Park territory:

  • a learning booklet on poison-vulnerable species (bear, wolf, and carrion birds) and on Anti-poison Dog Units
  • two learning toolkits (one on bear and wolf, one on carrion birds) in two copies each

Action E.4: Educational panels
The action consists in installing:

  • 15 educational panels (70 cm x 100 cm) in the Gran Sasso-Laga Park
  • 20 educational panels (70 cm x 100 cm) in the regions where the Anti-poison Dog Units serve

The panels will illustrate the LIFE PLUTO Project and the main species that are threatened by the use of poison.

Action E.5: Conferences
Two conferences will be organised.
Conference on species that are threatened by the use of poison
The first conference will be held in the Gran Sasso-Laga Park and will focus on land carnivores (bear, wolf) and carrion birds (Egyptian vulture, bearded vulture, red kite) whose preservation is not  satisfying and that are vulnerable to poison baits. The main conference subjects will be: status of these species, risk factors, impact of illegal poison use on them, and ongoing preservation projects at the European level. Lecturers will be Italian or European experts on bear, wolf, and carrion birds. The target audience will be composed of naturalists, biologists, park authorities, etc. The event will take place by 31st October 2016.

Final conference
The final conference will illustrate actions carried out in the framework of the LIFE PLUTO Project, achieved results, and lessons learned. It will be an occasion of dialogue with Italian and European projects and initiatives aimed at tackling the issue of animal poisoning. Lecturers will include staff members of LIFE PLUTO beneficiaries, managers of other projects combating the use of poison, and experts in this field. The target audience will be composed of naturalists, biologists, administrators, park authorities, police corps, veterinarians, and other subjects affected by this issue. The conference will take place in Rome by April 2019.

Action E.6: Layman’s report
At the end of the LIFE PLUTO Project, a report (both in paper and electronic format, in Italian and English) will illustrate the project, the actions that were carried out and the results it achieved. A PDF version of the report will be disseminated via e-mail and uploaded on the project website.

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