Award for those schools that had participated in the educational project "PLUTO...un amico da salvare.

On the 7th of June 2018 in Pianola (L'Aquila) had been held the last of four award ceremonies for the contest launched in the field of the educational project LIFE PLUTO and that had involved 450 students of the Parco Gran Sasso-Laga area.

Created to encourage the knowledge and the respect toward carnivores and carrion birds, the contest had involved 29 classes of primary school, middle school and kindergarten.  
The students had made drawings and posters of the animals particularly touched by the use of poison. The students whose works had been appreciated for their creativity and for the techniques used had been awarded. Actually, they had received some gadgets, i.e. backpacks, pen drives, coloured t-shirts, bags and head-phones.
Every participating class had received a plaque of "Classe amica di Pluto".
The awarded classes are the primary school "Rodari" of Pianola, the primary school "Favale" of Civitella del Tronto, the middle school Patini of L'Aquila and the middle school Carducci of L'Aquila.
The kindergarten of Cerchiara (Isola del Gran Sasso) had received a special prize for the youngest participants.
The contest had been launched at the end of an educational project that had involved approximately 600 students. The first step had been based on the awareness and on the teachers' knowledge, while, during the second step, children had been involved in knowing carnivores, carrion birds and the crucial role of anti-poison dog units for their protection, so as to prevent poison and its consequences.
In every speech, actually, there had been a meeting between the classes and the Anti-poison Dog Units that work in Parco Gran Sasso-Laga, ran by Carabineri of Parco Gran Sasso-Laga and the National Park itself and that had shown to the young students how the training and the search for dogs are based.
In support of the educational activity had been used an educational notebook and an educational kit especially created for the LIFE Pluto project.

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  • T-shirts that winners had received
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  • The coordinated drawing of the prices.
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  • One of the works made by the students
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  • Some of the prices for the participants
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