Numerous school classes participate in the educational project “Pluto, un amico a quattro zampe” at Gran Sasso-Laga National Park

No less than 35 school classes of the Gran Sasso-Laga National Park area are taking part in the educational project "Pluto, un amico a quattro zampe", designed to make kids reflect on the danger that poison baits pose to the conservation of many species of mammals and birds of prey.

The Park Authority and two cooperatives ("Il Bosso" and "Scuola Verde") are leading this activity, which is engaging two kindergarten classes, 13 primary school classes and 20 middle school classes: approximately 600 pupils on the whole.
The first phase of the activity consists in sensitising and informing teachers; then, interventions are carried out in the classes to encourage kids to learn about large carnivores and carrion birds, and to appreciate the important role that Anti-poison Dog Units play in their protection.
Educational kits, created in the framework of the project, support the activity, which is organised in ways that engage pupils in the development of games and creation of posters on poison-vulnerable animals.
At the end of the activity, kids can see the Park's Anti-poison Dog Units demonstrating their work; the conductors of the Units - created in 2010 in the framework of the previous LIFE ANTIDOTO Project - show how they train their dogs and how they search for poison baits.
Together with the educational project, a contest has been launched for all primary and middle schools on the creation of drawings and posters; all the participating pupils will be awarded, and special prizes will be awarded to the authors of the most remarkable works.

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