The contribution of the LIFE PLUTO project to the fight against the illegal use of poison is told in a documentary

The LIFE PLUTO project enabled to develop a system which can detect the illegal use of poison, prevent it, manage the poisoning cases in an appropriate manner and mitigate the impact of poison on wildlife.

The actions which have been carried out during the project are described in a documentary produced by the CUFAA, the Carabinieri Unit for the Protection of Forests, the Environment and Agri-foodstuffs.
It explains how the use of poison baits represents an hidden and serious threat to biodiversity and it especially devotes attention to the irreplaceable and valuable work which is carried out by the Anti-poison Dog Units.
The video also underlines the cooperation established between the Gran Sasso-Laga National Park and the local livestock breeders in the management of a supplementary feeding station for raptors. The facility favours scavenging raptors, which are very vulnerable to poison, and contributes to create a climate of sharing important to mitigate potential conflicts between farmers and wildlife.
The documentary can be seen at the section "Video" of the website in two versions, a full one and a short one. Both them are available in Italian and English language.

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